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Inspired by his travels throughout the world, French designer Christophe Rat parlays his love of minimalist architectural lines and his interest in the complexity of mathematical tension.

After a MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering and a postgraduate diploma in Management from the University of Poitiers (France), Christophe worked for 10 years as an industrial project manager in the water treatment field all over in Europe.

Christophe, designer and engineer, blends his creative and technical skills into the finest quality of furniture. He has also completed many residential design & build projects in the Bay Area, encompassing ecological principles and vernacular architecture to make the most of his clients’ requests. Christophe was awarded the 2010 Best Sustainable Design from the City of Piedmont for his work on the Ronada project.

Whether you seek design plans for an entire house or a unique piece of furniture, whether you need advice on how to design and install a rain catchment system on your property or need a set of drawings to remodel the old bathroom into a better space that conserve resources, Christophe provides 2D or 3D CAD design and drafting services and offers green consulting services to help you make the right decision. Since moving to California in 2000, Christophe has gathered and honed a handful of experiences and skills to help you buy, renovate, improve, and sell your home.

Christophe is a Certified Green Building Professional, member of Build It Green, and a Sales Associate with Caldecott Properties in Oakland, CA.