Singer desk

Furniture OneSuit

Wood only, and easy to carry... Veneer, with an impeccable
finish to magnify the intrinsic characteristics of the grain...

Cubist, with subtle angles that reveal its inherent modularity... ACUBE is definitely versatile.

ONE, it’s a stool. TWO, a side table, or an art showcase. But stack THREE; you have a bookcase, a totem... or a room divider. Now group FOUR together and look at the edges and depth of this composition... You may also try FIVE an SIX to extend your modular coffee table!

Infinite possibilities with one model:
15.5” x 15.5” x 18.5”

Acube is available in ½" 9-ply maple veneer (ApplePly) or in ½" 3-ply solid bamboo (Plyboo) with natural finish.

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