Singer desk

Furniture OneSuit

The Pacific Heritage Museum of San Francisco is housed in the historic US Sub-treasury Building, dating from 1875 and built on the site of the original US Branch Mint. Exhibitions in the PHM are dedicated to the Pacific Rim arts and artists. I was commissioned to create a viewing bench to be used in the main gallery for contemplation of the art pieces.

The 6-foot bench is symmetrical and features a ‘split’ design to allow viewers to sit comfortably on either side. Inside the main gallery are two structural ionic columns towering in the center. As the bench was to be placed between the columns, the inspiration of the split design came from my observation of the flutes relief along the shaft of the columns. Knowing that a public bench receives constant use, I designed the vertical legs and the arched apron of the seat to be double walled for extra rigidity. The bench is constructed from Plyboo, a sustainable, engineered bamboo wood coming from China. The invisible “conversion varnish” finish offers lasting durability.