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Sharon called. She needed a table. A dining room table large enough to seat 8 to 10 people. She wanted something original, a conversation piece, a place where conversation would flow…
It had to be sturdy but not take up too much space, aerodynamic with soft lines. Guests could lean in and feel like part of the family, while having plenty of leg room.
Comfortable, elegant, modern, unusual, and distinctive… to fit in with my grandparent’s antique dining room chairs, she summarized!

  • The elliptical shape for the top came to me right away. It allows a smooth flow along the major axis, and provides space in the center.
  • The slightly curved, angled and most invisible apron underneath took me longer to perfect. It rigidifies the top. It holds the removable (easy transportation) yet, very sturdy legs, and keeps them away from the knees…
  • Most chairs take up a lot of space around a table, so I designed a bench, that is easy to pull in and out from under the table, and so comfortable – with a slightly inclined seat for ergonomic support. Two benches fit together along one side or can be used separately.
  • The most distinctive feature is the material I use to make this table and the benches, 100% bamboo! It is a fast renewable and durable material. I buy plyboo® panels with low/no VOC adhesives. Please visit for more information.
  • The table and two benches are available as a 3-piece unit, in natural or amber, in horizontal or vertical grain. I apply a few coats of a natural oil mix as a protective finish. This clear matte finish preserves the natural beauty of the bamboo fibers and is easy to maintain.

Sharon knew what she wanted, you can have it too. For more questions and to place an order please contact me: