Residencial OneSuit

This project was a partial remodeling of a mid-century ranch house.

Through the removal of a bearing wall and the relocation of the technical closet, the kitchen and dining room became one within the same volume. The L shape of this new open space allows distinctive areas for cooking, seating and dining and enhances the flow inside the house. Natural light emanates now through the room.

I designed the kitchen around a generous L- shaped island mimicking the floor plan. The leather like textured granite counters brings warmth to the modern space. I designed all the cabinetry, and to increase the spacious feel of the kitchen, no upper cabinets were added.

Master Bathroom:
The existing master bath was an early addition to the side of the original house. It was a remarkable cocoon of bright green tiles so typical of the 1950's idea of modern comfort! When demolishing it we managed to gain an extra few inches of ceiling height and created a tunnel like space where I had to fit a tub, a shower, a toilet, and two sinks; the existing dressing area had to be updated.We installed a small window at the end of the room, at eye level, to create a new perspective; the clear view of distant trees opens up the tiny room while preserving privacy. I chose an asymmetrical bathtub to help breakup the one dimensional aspect of the room. The repetition of the angular theme in the designof the cabinetry provides needed organization in the narrow room. There is a floor drain next to the tub to collect splashing water, so showers can be taken with no glass enclosure while standing in the tub.